What amount will be enough to start trading on the crypto market?

For a start, one dollar may be enough on the cryptocurrency market, but in the future, experts recommend investing in digital money at least a thousand, and even tens of thousands of dollars.


The popularity of digital money is growing.

More and more people are seeking to enter the blockchain industry through investing, mining or trading. However, first you need to decide what amount can be allocated for a risky attempt to make money on cryptocurrency. Experts told why sometimes $ 1 may be enough, and in which case it is not worth coming to the market without $ 50,000 in stock. If a person comes to the market to trade, then he must first learn this craft and only then decide with what amount to start. You can buy a Porsche and tie it in a knot in a few minutes. To get behind the wheel of a car, you need to learn the rules of the road and learn how to manage them, avoiding accidents. After training, pass the exam and get a license. Here the market takes the exam. If you break the rules, he takes money from the deposit through traders who are on the other side of you.

On the Binance market, you can start trading with as little as $ 1. There is such a cryptocurrency – Stellar (XLM). 10 tokens cost 0.03 USDT, 100 tokens – 0.39 USDT, 1000 – 3.91 USDT. You can make 100 trades at 1 XLM, and you won’t even get losses by $ 1. Perfect conditions to hone your skills. The market can also be compared to ultimate fighting. Here it is important not to start with what amount, but to learn how to correctly calculate the trading volume from the protective stop. That is, the trader must first determine how much he is risking in one deal and calculate the risk. It is believed that the risk in one transaction should not exceed 5% of the deposit, and better not more than 2%. First you train, then you enter the ring.

If you take, for example, a deposit of $ 100, then 5% will be $ 5. You clearly know that if the market goes against you, you will lose $ 5. 90% do not do this and, using large shoulders, lose everything. Then, after analyzing the market, you find the entry point and the level where the protective stop will be placed (the level at which the loss will be closed). This is where the main problem of traders’ failures lies. Everyone wants to make a million from $ 100, only they take big risks.

The trader must find a comfortable amount of losses. Loss is the right to earn like a business expense. When a trader surrenders driving in the market with a small deposit amount, then he can increase it. It doesn’t matter from what amount you count 2%. If the deposit is $ 1000, then this is a risk of $ 20, if the deposit is $ 10,000 – $ 200, etc. It is necessary to answer the question: at what amount of loss is it comfortable for me to trade? And if it is possible to reduce the risk per trade by less than 2%, then this is worth doing.

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