Five opinions: what will happen to cryptocurrency by the end of 2021

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that was the first, it was created initially to replace fiat and was intended to undermine the traditional financial system. Bitcoin is a pioneer in the crypto industry, many other crypto coins have been developed on its basis, and more will be formed. The cryptocurrency was created to be available to everyone, regardless of the region of residence and social status. Already, the cost of one bitcoin is more than 60 thousand US dollars. Although even a year after its creation, its price barely reached $ 1. High capitalization, the steady rise in price of bitcoin, as well as its characteristics as a cryptocurrency, make it possible to assume that an equally dizzying future awaits this electronic currency. Therefore, crypto analysts regularly post a cryptocurrency forecast for 2022 regarding the development of bitcoin in the near and distant future.

The strength of the cryptocurrency is quite large, its potential is measured in millions, therefore the predictions of its value represent such astronomical indicators. Most cryptanalysts who predict the growth of cryptocurrencies estimate the future of bitcoin at $ 100,000-1 million.


When exactly will the assumptions of cryptocurrency analysts come true?

Most investors would like to know the answer to this question now. There are many people who are quite optimistic about bitcoin and cryptocurrency technology in general, no less they have opponents who do not trust digital currency in principle. The main arguments of the positive side are the optimistic forecasts of analysts, the reliability of bitcoin, the digitalization of the market and the high volatility of the cryptocurrency. Pessimists also look at the predictions of the supporters of their theory and do not think that Bitcoin has any future, believing that at one moment it can simply burst along with all the finances of thousands of hodlers.

Despite this division of camps – for and against bitcoin, this cryptocurrency marked a serious start to undermine the institution of fiat currencies, the banking system and the traditional understanding of money. Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular, now they can be used to make purchases on some trading platforms, and members of the crypto community see this as the beginning of a big confident digital money path. You can even buy bitcoin in some countries with the help of vending machines installed at grocery points of sale, and not just via the Internet on stock exchanges or from hodlers.

Based on popular predictions, we can conclude that it is never too late to join the cryptocurrency community. Below it is possible to see the maximum and minimum for the years that industry experts predict:

  • 2021: $ 17,000 min $ 325,000 max
  • 2022: 42,000 $ min 275,000 $ max
  • 2023: 63,000 $ min 145,000 $ max
  • 2024-2025: $ 275,000 min $ 1,000,000 max

The calculation was carried out on the basis of volatility, history of the cryptocurrency exchange rate and market characteristics. Thus, analysts assessed the spread of the minimum and maximum indicators of previous years and their compliance with early forecasts. Bitcoin is slated to take off again in a bullish race and bring traders more profits, but it is up to everyone to decide for himself whether he is ready for such risks, since losses can also occur.

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